Teversal People
in White's 1832 Directory of Nottinghamshire

An important directory, as it predates the available census records. The early directories like this one tend to list only landowners and tradesmen. Anyone who was "employed" would not be listed.

Name Occupation Location
Ashmore, Jno. Farmer Fackley
Bagshaw, Francis Miller Newbound Mill, Moor-end
Bakewell, Mary Farmer Stanley
Bingham, W. Farmer Stanley
Bowman, Jph. Farmer Whiteborough
Bramley, William Wheelwright Teversal
Burnham, T. Shoemaker Whiteborough
Caladine, Jno Farmer -
Coope, Wm. Farmer Dunsel
Cordwell, Jph. Farmer Teversal
Cordwell, John Farmer Stanley
Cupit, Jane Farmer Dunsel
Hawksley, Geo. Farmer Norwood
Hickton, Thos. Farmer Fackley
Hill, John Farmer Whiteborough
Hill, Thomas Farmer Teversal
Leverton, Henry Blacksmith Fackley
Leverton, Jas. Farmer Teversal
Marsden, Rt. Farmer Fackley
Marshall, Jph. Farmer Teversal
Marshall, Wm. Farmer Teversal
Moakes, Thos. Farmer Fackley
Poole, Mary Farmer Norwood
Reeves, Thos. Shoemaker Whiteborough
Reynolds, Geo. Farmer Moor-end
Reynolds, Han. Farmer Moor-end
Roper, Hannh. Victualler, Cross Keys Fackley
Roper, Reb. Farmer Stanley
Sanders, Wm. Farmer Dunsel
Smith, Matt. Farmer Dunsel
Sympson, Charles I. (Rev) Rector Teversal
Taylor, Hy. Shoemaker Teversal
Taylor, Wm. Farmer Teversal
Webster, Jno. Farmer Teversal
Webster, Peter Shoemaker Stanley
Webster, Rt. Farmer Fackley
Woodhead, W. Farmer Stanley
Wragg, Fras. Farmer Fackley

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