Ashfield Stray Marriage Indexes

I am trying to collect marriages where either the bride or groom gave their residence as one of the Ashfield parishes, and were married in a different parish.

I have started the list by extracting entries from some of the Phillimore's marriage transcripts up to 1812. This has covered almost all the parishes which surround the Ashfield area (see map for surrounding parishes

The following Derbyshire parishes are not yet covered :    Blackwell, Pleasley, South Normanton, Tibshelf, Pinxton

A marriage transcript for Pinxton is available to view online, but I have not yet received permission from the author to include the Ashfield strays in this index.

The first person named is always the "stray", while the other person named may or may not be marrying within their own parish. Where a couple from the same parish were marrying at a different parish, their marriage is entered twice in the strays list, so both are listed as a "stray".

Please bear in mind that only marriages where the parish is recorded will be included. If someone was born in Sutton, but was settled in another parish prior to their marriage, he would not be recorded as "of Sutton". Also, not every clergyman recorded all the details in his register.

Although I have tried to be careful while transcribing this information, it is taken mainly from a secondary source and should be considered as a finding aid only. There may have been further information in the transcripts, which I did not include on this index.

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