Churchyard and Cemeteries


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The churchyard was closed for burials by an order of the Council in November 1883. In recent years many stones have been removed and the ground levelled, as the local authority is responsible for its maintenance.



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Old Kingsway Cemetery

Due to the development of East Kirkby, the old churchyard became inadequate. Three acres of land were purchased by the Burial Board to provide a cemetery. The cemetery, with mortuary chapel, was opened in 1880 at a cost of 1,600 on Kingsway. This cemetery is no longer in use.

Some of the monumental inscriptions for Kingsway Cemetery have been recorded, and are available from Nottinghamshire Family History Society.

This is also the location of Kirkby's war memorial to the fallen of the two World Wars.(below)

kirkby_warmemorial.JPG (44531 bytes) War Memorial (left) and Mortuary Chapel located in New Kingsway Cemetery

When this cemetery became full, a second plot of land was purchased a short distance away on the opposite side of Kingsway and a new cemetery was created. This cemetery is still in use.

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New Kingsway Cemetery

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