Kirkby People
in White's 1832 Directory of Nottinghamshire

An important directory, as it predates the available census records. The early directories like this one tend to list only landowners and tradesmen. Anyone who was "employed" would not be listed.

Name Occupation Location
Bateman, Wm. Grocer & Draper Kirkby
Bean, Wm Colliery Agent Portland Colliery
Beardmore, J. Farmer Kirkby Cliff
Beardmore, J. Farmer Pinxton
Bird, John Farmer Kirkby Woodhouse
Booth, Wm. Gentleman Kirkby Woodhouse
Bowmar, Thos. Farmer Nuncargate
Bowmar, Wm. Butcher Kirkby
Bradley, Fras. Grocer & Hosiery Agent Kirkby
Bradley, Elias Beerhouse *
Bradley, John Farmer Kirkby
Brittain, John Fwk Knitter Kirkby
Brunt, John Shoemaker Kirkby
Brunt, Wm. Blacksmith Kirkby
Chadwick, Thos. Farmer Kirkby
Clark, Benj. Farmer Kirkby Cliff
Clarke, Thos. Esq.   Kirkby Hardwick
Coke, Rev E'ewes   Brook Hill
Cooke, Wm. Framework Knitter Kirkby
Cope, Stead Shopkeeper & Beerhouse Portland Colliery
Davenport, Henry Grocer Kirkby
Davenport, Thos. Hosiery Agent Kirkby
Dodson, John Farmer Parks
Ellis, George Joiner Kirkby
England, Wm. Farmer Flander-ground
Farnsworth, T. Farmer Kirkby
Fisher, John Limeburner Grieves
Fisher, John Farmer Grives
Fletcher, Leonard Beerhouse Lane End
Frith, Wm. Blacksmith Kirkby
Hardstaff, Jeremiah Wheelwright Kirkby
Hardstaff, John Warp Lace Manufacturer Kirkby
Hardwick, Rd. Farmer Kirkby
Hardwick, Thos. Farmer Kirkby
Hayes, John Hosiery Agent Kirkby
Heath, Thos. Farmer Parks
Hodgkinson, C. Farmer Kirkby Woodhouse
Hodgkinson, George Esq.   Kirkby
Hodgkinson, Miss Catherine   Kirkby
Hogg, Samuel Farmer Kirkby
Holmes, John Farmer Nuncargate
Ingleby, - Farmer Flander-ground
Jarratt, Wm. Victualler & Net Manfr. Kirkby
Kennington, Jas. Shoemaker & Victualler Kirkby
Kinder, Fras. Victualler & Limeburner ** Kirkby

Kinder, Rd.

Farmer Kirkby
Kirk, Wm. Shoemaker & Victualler Lane End
Lee, John Farmer Kirkby Cliff
Lee, John Farmer Nuncargate
Lee, Rueben Farmer Kirkby
Lees, Wm. Warp Lace Manufacturer Kirkby
Lamb, John Warp Lace Manufacturer Kirkby Woodhouse
Lowe, Wm. Beerhouse Lane End
Massey, Peter Farmer *
Morris, John Beerhouse Kirkby Woodhouse
Nixon, Rev. Thos. M.A. Curate Kirkby
Oscroft, Dennis Farmer Kirkby
Robinson, Mrs   Kirkby
Robinson, Hy. Corn Miller Kirkby
Salmon, Fras. Farmer Kirkby
Sansom. Joseph Free School Kirkby
Saunders, Jas. Farmer Parks
Shacklock, John Tailor & Shopkeeper Kirkby
Shacklock, John jnr. Tailor Kirkby
Shacklock, Thomas Parish Clerk Kirkby
Short, Wm. Blacksmith Pinxton
Skevington, Thos. Victualler Portland Colliery
Smith, Joseph Hosiery Agent Kirkby Woodhouse
Stanley, Jph. Victualler - Green Man Kirkby
Stanley, Mrs Mary   Kirkby Woodhouse
Stanley, Wm. Farmer Kirkby
Sterland, Thomas Net Maker Kirkby
Tallents, Thos. Grocer Kirkby
Thompson, Jph. Farmer Kirkby
Turner, Samuel Butcher Kirkby
Turner, Samuel Baker Kirkby
Vernon,  Rev John Venables Rector Kirkby
Walker, Joseph Beerhouse Kirkby Woodhouse
White, Saml. Maltster & Beerhouse Kirkby
Whiteman, G. Farmer Parks
Whiteman, Jas. Shoemaker & Shopkeeper *
Wilkinson, Jas. Shoemaker Kirkby
Wright, Wm. Shoemaker Flander-ground

* directory states "Todds Row, and the others in Kirkby"
** In 1888 a Mrs Kinder ran the Waggon & Horses Public House - same property?

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