List of gravestones in Mansfield Woodhouse churchyard at 1800

The following list is a record of the gravestones and other monuments which existed in St Edmunds's Church, Mansfield Woodhouse and its churchyard in 1800. They were recorded in the book "A history of Mansfield and it's environs" by W. Harrod, which was published in 1801. 

I have sorted the information from the book into alphabetical order by surname, to make it easier to search. In many cases the information is limited to the name, year of death and age at death. 

I have kept the spellings as they are shown in the book. 

Comparing the entries to the ones published by the Notts FHS, some of the monuments recorded here are not included on their transcript. Likewise, there are some stones recorded by Notts FHS which were not in Harrod's book, and differences with some entries. I have not altered any of the entries below as that was how they were published - but they do need to be confirmed to other records where possible.

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Mary ASHMORE died 1777 aged 57.
Henry ASHMORE died 1787 aged 70
(Head stone)
Here lieth interred the ancient family of Thomas ASTLEY which came over into England with king William the conqueror in the year of our Lord 1066. (Flat stone in churchyard)
Joseph ASTLEY died 1718 aged 57. Also his wife died 1747 aged 75. Ann ASTLEY died 1758 aged 59. Walter ASTLEY died 1759 aged 63. Joseph ASTLEY died 1769 aged 65 (Tomb in churchyard)
Mrs Eliz. ASTLEY eldest daughter died 1756 aged 61, wife of Thomas ASTLEY, Southgate, Middlesex died 1756 aged 65. Richard ASTLEY esq. died 1779 aged 79 (Tomb in churchyard)


John son of Tho. & E. BARRAT died 1794 aged 42 (Head stone)
Wm. BARRATT died 1794 aged 33 (Head stone)
John BEARDALL died 1791 aged 62. Mary his wife died 1769 aged 65. George BEARDALL died 1758 aged 61 (Head stone)
Jonathan BLACKSHAW died 1790 aged 61 (Head stone)
Thomas BROOKE died 1795 aged 39. Eliz. his wife died 1768 aged 42 (Head stone)
Christopher BROOKS died 1793 aged 92. Mary his wife died 1789 aged 75. (Head stone)
Francis BURGAIN died 1798 aged 41 (Head stone)



CADMAN - see under UNWIN
Samuel CALTON died 1748 aged 83. Arthur CALTON died 1773 aged 32. Also his mother died 1773 aged 70. (Tomb in churchyard)
Mary wife of Luke CLARK died 1785 aged 47. Luke CLARK died 1799 aged 81. (Head stone)
Richard CLARKE died 1790 aged 33 (Head stone)
John COTTON died 1778 aged 72 (Head stone)
John CROOKS died 1783 aged 55. Anne his wife died 1792 aged 69. (Head stone)


Rowland DAND gent. and Marjery his 2d wife, eldest daughter of Laurence WODENOTHE of Shavington-Wodenothe in the County of Chester esq. died in 1617, aged 73. He died in 1623 aged 91 (Mural monument inside church)
DAND - see also under WHARTON
Mary DANKES died 1734 aged 64. Thomas DANKES died 1739 aged 78 (Tomb in churchyard)
John DANKES died 1777 aged 77. Mary his wife died 1775 aged 53. (Head stone)
John DIGBY son of Sir John DIGBY married Frances SOLE daughter of Leonard PINKNEY of Westminster esq. by whom he had several children. John DIGBY the father died in 1722, to whose memory and of his ancestors here named, and of his eldest son, his widow Jane DIGBY and his daughter Legard, in testimony of their duty and affection have erected this monument 1742 (Mural monument inside church)


Eliz. EYRE, eldest daughter of Gervas Eyre esq. formerly of Rampton, died 1750. This monument is erected at the request of her only surviving sister Diana Eyre, who died in 1763 aged 71. (Mural monument inside church)


John FERRIS died 1784 aged 84 (Head stone)
John FITZHERBERT, eldest son of John FITZHERBERT by Eliz. only daughter of Richard NEALE, died 1695 aged 9 (on the Floor)
Joseph FLOYD died 1797 aged 86. Mary his wife died 1771 aged 67 (Head stone)
Eliz. wife of Rich. FRITH died 1764 aged 77 (Tomb in churchyard)
Rich. FRITH died 1762 aged 76. Samuel his son died 1798 aged 75 (Head stone)


Edward GOULD esq. died in 1775 aged 60 (on the Floor)
Mrs Alice GRAHAM, one of the sisters of Charles COCK of Brinsley, gent. died 1750 (on east end of outside church wall)
Mary GUNTHORPE died 1757 aged 70 (Tomb in churchyard)


Joseph HARRISON died 1791 aged 71. Mary his wife died 1797 aged 76 (Head stone)
Samuel HARVEY died 1760 aged 72
Thomas HARVEY died 1798 aged 73
(Head stone)
Sam. HARVEY died 1796 aged 77 (Tomb in churchyard)
Matthew HEATH died 1787 aged 46 (Head stone)
Eliz. wife of Jos. HUFTON died 1787 aged 27 (Head stone)
Joseph HUNTINGTON died 1799 aged 67.
Mary wife of Leon. HUNTINGTON died 1778 aged 48
Leonard HUNTINGTON died 1800 aged 66
(Head stone)
Frances, wife of Gervas HUTTON, died 1758 aged 59 (on the Floor)
George HUTTON died 1716 aged 34 (on the Floor)
Gervas HUTTON died 1707 aged 52. Gervas his son died 1745 aged 63. Frances his daughter died 1782 aged 56 (on the Floor)
Gervas HUTTON died 1756 aged 32 (on the Floor)


Sarah INNOCENT died 1769 aged 76 (Tomb in churchyard)


Emerentiana JENKINSON, relict of John JENKINSON esq. of Whycome, Linc. died 1768 aged 64 (on the Floor)


Frances KEMP died 1683 (on the Floor)


Mary wife of Thomas LUDLOW died 1788 aged 89 (Head stone)


Wm. MARRIOTT died 1799 aged 52 (Head stone)
Isabella MASON died 1781 aged 68 (Head stone)
Hellen wife of Gervas MEAKIN died 1798 aged 51 (on the Floor)
Frances MINNITT died 1778 aged 9- (on the Floor)
John MINNITT died in 1794 aged 32 (on the Floor)
Mary wife of W. MINNITT died 1773 aged 38 (on the Floor)


Eliz. NAISH relict of the late rev. Rich. NAISH, rector of Bancombe, Som. died 1779 aged 76 (on the Floor)
Adam NOWELL died 1793 aged 76 (Head stone)


John OLIVER died 1782 aged 75. Thomas his son died 1788 aged 26 (Head stone)


Rich. PARSONS died 1774 aged 44 (Tomb in churchyard)
W. PINKNEY, Mansfield Woodhouse, esq. One of the tellers in the exchequer in the reign of Charles II 1695. Leonard PINKNEY esq. his only son, verdurer of Sherwood, customer of Newcastle gent. usher to Queen Ann, Geo. I, Geo II, died in 1731 aged 52. He married Eliz. daughter of John SOUTH of Kelston in the county of Lincoln, esq. maid of honor to Queen Anne. (Mural monument inside Church)
PINKNEY - see also under DIGBY


Margaret SALES died 1777 aged 72 (Tomb in churchyard)
John SHEPPERSON died 1777 aged 44. Mary wife of Wm. SHEPPERSON died 1798 aged 58 (Tomb in churchyard)
Eliz. wife of John SHEPPERSON died 1788 aged 23 (Head stone)
Thomas SMEETON died 1779 aged 67 (Tomb in churchyard)
Robert SNOWDEN died 1642 (on the Floor)
Christopher SNOWDEN died 1729 aged 57. Sarah SNOWDEN, relict, died 1766 aged 76 (Tomb in churchyard)
Sarah SNOWDEN died 1793 aged 73.
Mary wife of Joseph SNOWDEN died 1793 aged 83.
Joseph SNOWDEN died 1776 aged 58
(Head stone)


Sam. TALLENTS, freemason, died 1763 aged 68. Mary his wife died 1772 aged 69 (Head stone)
Catharine wife of John THORPE died 1769 aged 90. John THORPE died 1776 aged 79 (Tomb in churchyard)


Paul UNWIN died 1781 aged 52. Ann CADMAN, wife of Charles, and relict of P. UNWIN died 1797 aged 62. (Tomb in churchyard)
George UNWIN died 1786 aged 56. (Head stone)


Jane WHARTON, daughter of Rowland DAND, first married to Leonard ROBINSON of Kirkby Ravensworth. Her second husband Sir Thomas WHARTON K.B.  She died in 1714 aged 75 (Mural monument in Church)
Wm. WHELPDALE died 1785 aged 80 (Tomb in churchyard)
Edward WILLEY died 1772 aged 44 (Tomb in churchyard)
Walter WILLIM died 1796 aged 57, an honest and faithful servant of Major Rooke with whom he lived 32 years (Tomb in churchyard)


Matthew YATES died 1787 aged 40
Matthew YATES died 1793 aged 19
Ann YATES died 1798 aged 52
(Head stone)

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