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Church Name Place Date Built Notes
St Matthew Boughton Built 1868 Built on site of older church
St Matthew Normanton on Trent 14th Cent
St Matthew Nottingham, Upper Talbot Street Built 1856 Formed as a parish in 1856, from the parish of St Mary, Nottingham.  Demolished 1956. A photograph of this church can be viewed at 
St Matthias Sneinton, St Matthias Rd Built 1868 Formed a parish in 1869
St Michael Cotham 14th Cent Closed circa 1976, and parish united with Hawton
St Michael Elton on the Hill 11th Cent
St Michael Farnsfield 14th Cent With exception of the tower, the church was rebuilt in 1859-60, and a spire added.
St Michael Halam 11th-12th Cent Norman - aka St Michael the Archangel
St Michael Hoveringham Built 1865 Built on the site of an ancient church, only some carvings and font from that church remain.
St Michael Linby 12th Cent
St Michael Sutton Bonnington 13th-15th Cent Chancel rebuilt in 1878
St Michael & All Angels Averham 11th Cent
St Michael & All Angels Bramcote Built 1861 Built half a mile from site of old church
St Michael & All Angels Carlton Built 1907 Foxhill Road. A Timber church building was sold to the Rev J. F. Perry of Carlton by the parish of South Beddington, Surrey just before 1906. May have been closed in the 1930's? A photograph of this church can be viewed at 
St Michael & All Angels Radford ~ Old Built 1888 Located on the corner of Alfreton Road and Hartley Road. Originally a chapel of ease to St Peters, was formed a parish in 1896. Rebuilt in 1979? A photograph of this church can be viewed at 
St Michael & All Angels Sutton in Ashfield Built 1887 Now disused
St Michael & All Angels Underwood Built 1890
St Michael the Archangel Laxton 12th Cent
St Michael the Archangel West Retford 10th Cent Pre 1066
St Modwen Sutton in Ashfield, Pingle Built 1879 Mission church to St Mary, originally used a local school, before bringing an Iron church from Sneinton (formerly St Albans) A stone structure was built in 1937, which was in use until 1987. Since demolished.
St Nicholas Askham 13th Cent Original Nave wall was Norman. Chancel 13th cent. Restored 1907.
St Nicholas Hockerton 12th Cent
St Nicholas Littleborough 12th Cent Modernised in 1831/2
St Nicholas Moorehouse Built 1861 aka Chantry Chapel - Chapelry to the parish of Laxton
St Nicholas Nottingham, Castle Gate Built 1678 Original church built 11th century was destroyed during civil war.
St Nicholas Tuxford 14th-15th Cent Altered in 1473, chancel rebuilt in 1495
St Oswald Dunham on Trent 15th Cent
St Oswald East Stoke 13th Cent
St Patrick Nuthall 11th Cent Restored 1844
St Paul Carlton Built 1882 aka Carnarvon Memorial Church, for the Earl of Carnarvon who contributed �9000 to its construction
St Paul Daybrook Built 1892 Formed as a parish in 1896 from Arnold and Carrington
St Paul Hyson Green, Radford Rd Built 1843 Formed as a parish in 1844 from the parishes of Radford and Lenton. Closed in 1994 and converted into housing. Photograph available to view on 
St Paul Nottingham, George St Built 1822 Chapel of Ease to St Mary, formed into a parish in 1839. Demolished in 1923. Photograph available to view on 
St Paul West Drayton 12th Cent  
St Paul Wilford Hill Built 1960 Became a parish in 1988. Largly rebuilt in same year.
St Paulinus Ollerton ~ New circa 1934?
St Peter Awsworth Built 1746 All except the chancel rebuilt in 1902
St Peter Clayworth 12th Cent
St Peter East Bridgford 9th Cent Foundations are early. Church is medieval
St Peter East Drayton 13th Cent
St Peter Farndon 11th Cent Saxon/Early Norman foundations. Partially rebuilt in 1664
St Peter Flawborough 11th-12th Cent Rebuilt 1840. Chapelry to Staunton parish
St Peter Flawford unknown Demolished in 1773, and superseded by its chapelry at Ruddington.
St Peter Gamston 13th Cent Many 15th Cent alterations
St Peter Habblesthorpe unknown Church was in ruins in 1743, and now only churchyard remains. United with North Leverton.
St Peter Hayton 12th Cent
St Peter Headon 13th Cent
St Peter Laneham 12th Cent
St Peter Nottingham, St Peters Gate Built late 14th Cent
St Peter Radford ~ Old Built 1811 Medieval Church pulled down in 1811. Chancel added in 1871.
St Peter Ruddington 14th Cent Rebuilt in 1887-8, except for the Tower
St Peter Sibthorpe 13th Cent
St Peter Stokeham 12th Cent Restored in 1881, and in 1912 was described as being in a "dilapidated" condition
St Peter Tollerton 11th Cent "extensive and disasterous renovations in 1812"
St Peter Toton ? Built after 1832
St Peter Widmerpool 13th Cent Virtually rebuilt 1888-1896 as older church was neglected
St Peter & St Paul Gringley on the Hill 12th Cent
St Peter & St Paul Hucknall Torkard Built 1892
St Peter & St Paul Mansfield 11th Cent Renovated in 14th cent after fire.
St Peter & St Paul North Wheatley late 15th Cent Has a Norman font. Churchyard closed in May 1879 - later burials were interred at South Wheatley
St Peter & St Paul Oxton 11th Cent
St Peter & St Paul Shelford 11th Cent Built on site of Saxon church - perpendicular tower (15th Cent)
St Peter & St Paul Sturton le Steeple ? Partly destroyed by fire in 1901, damaged parts rebuilt
St Peter & St Paul Upton 13th Cent
St Peter & St Paul Warsop 11th Cent
St Peter in the Rushes Rempstone ? Demolished 1771. Follow this link for further information.
St Philip Nottingham, Pennyfoot St Built 1879 Formed as a parish in 1880, out of the parish of St Luke. Demolished in 1963. You can view a photograph of this church at
St Radegund Maplebeck "Severely" restored in 1898
St Saviour Auckley Built 1838 Built as a chapel of ease to Finningley parish
St Saviour East Retford Built 1829 Originally a chapel of ease to Clarborough, was created a parish in 1934 and is now classed as East Retford
St Saviour Nottingham, Arkwright St Built 1864 Formed as a parish in 1865 out of St Mary's parish
St Stephen Brough Built 1885 Mission church to the parish of South Collingham
St Stephen Hyson Green, Bobbers Mill Road Built 1898 Built at Hyson Green to replace St Stephens in Nottingham which was demolished to make way for a Railway Station.
St Stephen Nottingham, Bunkers Hill Built 1859 Formed as a parish in 1869, out of the parishes of Holy Trinity & St Matthew. Church was demolished in 1896 to build Railway Station. Replaced by new church in Hyson Green. See further details on the Southwell Diocese Website
St Stephen Sneinton, Sneinton Road Built 1912 Also rebuilt in 1839 on the site of an older church pre 1655
St Swithin East Retford 13th Cent The chancel and tower fell down in 1651, and were rebuilt.
St Swithin Kirklington 12th Cent
St Swithin Wellow 12th Cent Major rebuilding programme in 1878
St Swithin Woodborough 11th Cent Norman, with additions in 13th, 14th & 15th Cent
St Thomas Aslockton Built 1892 Chapelry to the parish of Whatton. Aslockton was annexed to the village of Scarrington between 1868-1919.
St Thomas Kirkby in Ashfield (East Kirkby) Built 1903 Formed from the parish of St Wilfrid.
St Thomas Nottingham, Park Row Built 1853 Built as a Wesleyan Congregational Free Church, known as Mercers Chapel. Converted into an Anglican church and consecrated in April 1873, renamed St Thomas'.  Parish created out of the parishes of St Peter, St Matthew & St Nicholas. Demolished in 1930. Further details about this church can be viewed on the Southwell Diocese Website.
St Wilfrid Calverton 12th Cent
St Wilfrid Kelham 16th Cent
St Wilfrid Kinoulton ? Church was abandoned and demolished by 1800. Only churchyard remains. Outline of church was still visible in 1912. Replaced by St Luke.
St Wilfrid Kirkby in Ashfield 13th Cent aka St Luke. Mostly destroyed by fire in 1907. Rebuilt by 1908.
St Wilfrid Marnham 13th Cent Located in Low Marnham, Also incorporates some 14th & 15th Cent building work
St Wilfrid North Muskham 12th Cent
St Wilfrid Screveton 13th Cent
St Wilfrid Scrooby 13th Cent Spire struck by lightening in 1817 and 1831. Church restored in 1862.
St Wilfrid South Muskham 11th-14th Cent
St Wilfrid Wilford 14th-15th Cent
St Winifred Holbeck Built 1916 Private Chapel in the grounds of Woodhouse Hall.
St Winifred Kingston upon Soar Built 1900 Rebuilt on the site of an older church. The previous church was rebuilt in 1832, except for the south transept which was called "ancient"
Staunton Chapel Staunton Chapel ? Chapelry to Orston Parish. Demolished 1827.
Unknown Bradmore 14th Cent Church destroyed by fire in 1706, with only tower and spire remaining. Then became a chapelry to Bunny parish
Unknown Budby Built 1887 Chapel of Ease to Perlethorpe. Was originally erected as an Iron church.
Unknown Cropwell Butler Built 1897 Annexed to Tythby parish. The Mission church was in a building bought from Mr John Parr in 1897, which was repaired at a cost of �600 and opened by the Bishop of Southwell. Closed before 1989. You can view a photograph of this church at
Unknown Kimberley ? Chapelry of St Mary, Greasley. Was in ruins by 1797, and dissapeared by 1850. Replaced by Holy Trinity in 1847.
Unknown Lound Built 1859 Chapelry to parish of St Bartholomew, Sutton-cum-Lound. Small building of red brick. You can view a photograph of this church at

indicates photo can be viewed on the Nottinghamshire Church Photographs website

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