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Parish  Church Name Date Built Notes
Ollerton St Giles 1700 (or 1780?) Built in 18th cent. on site of older chapel (Chapel of ease to Edwinstowe) rebuilt 1853 & 1875
Ollerton ~ New St Paulinus circa 1934?
Ordsall All Hallows 13th Cent
Ordsall, London Road St Albans Built 1898 Chapel of Ease to All Hallows
Orston St Mary 12th Cent
Ossington Holy Rood 12th Cent Rebuilt 1782
Owthorpe St Margaret Rebuilt 1650 Built on the site of an older and larger church, only the north wall remains of the previous building
Oxton St Peter & St Paul 11th Cent
Papplewick St James 14th Cent Tower dated at 14th Cent. Rest rebuilt in 1795
Perlthorpe St John the Evangelist Built 1876 In 1836 Earl Manvers obtained an Act of Parliament to make Perlethorpe a Parochial Chapelry. In 1864 a church was mentioned "situated in the park", and then the Earl built a new "modern" church in 1876. It was restored in 1904.
Pleasley Hill St Barnabas Built 1895 Formed from the parish of St Peter, Mansfield in 1896. Chancel and tower built in 1912.
Plumtree St Mary 11th Cent On site of a 9th cent church. Existing building inc some Saxon brickwork
Radcliffe on Trent St Mary Built 1879 Rebuilt on site of older church
Radford ~ New, Ilkeston Rd Christ Church Built 1847 Formed as a parish in 1845 from the parish of St Peter
Radford ~ Old St Peter Built 1812  Medieval Church pulled down in 1811. Chancel added in 1871.
Radford ~ Old, Alfreton Road St Michael & All Angels Built 1888 Located on the corner of Alfreton Road and Hartley Road. Originally a chapel of ease to St Peters, was formed a parish in 1896. Rebuilt in 1979? A photograph of this church can be viewed at
Radford ~ Old, Lenton Boulevard All Souls Built 1894 Formed as a parish from the parish of St Peter. Original building demolished and rebuilt in a modern style in 1980. A photograph of the original church can be viewed at
Ragnall St Leonard 15th Cent Church named St Oswald in 1912 directory
Rampton All Saints 15th Cent
Ranby St Martin Built 1898 Mission Church to All Saints, Babworth. Was described as an "Iron Structure" in 1912
Ranskill St Barnabas Built 1878 Chapelry to the parish of Blyth
Ratcliffe on Soar Holy Trinity 13th Cent  
Rempstone St Peter in the Rushes ? A chapel was originally located in Rempstone, founded in 1267, but was seized by Edward VI. St Peter was demolished in 1771 to provide building materials for All Saints. Follow this link for further details.
Rempstone All Saints Built 1771 Built using some materials taken from an older church located three quarters of a mile away
Rolleston Holy Trinity 12th Cent
Ruddington St Peter 14th Cent Rebuilt in 1887-8, except for the Tower
Saundby St Martin 14th Cent Chancel added in 1886 - now closed?
Scarrington St John of Beverley 13th Cent
Scofton St John Built 1877
Screveton St Wilfrid 13th Cent
Scrooby St Wilfrid 13th Cent Spire struck by lightening in 1817 and 1831. Church restored in 1862.
Selston St Helen 11th-12th Cent Norman
Shelford St Peter & St Paul 11th Cent Built on site of Saxon church - perpendicular tower (15th Cent)
Shelton St Mary & All Saints 13th Cent
Sherwood St Martin Built 1937
Shireoaks St Luke Built 1861 Formed into a parish in 1865 from the parishes of Worksop (Notts) and Anston-cum-Membris (Yorks). A previous chapel at Shireoaks (erected early 1800's) was turned into a schoolroom at that time. You can view a photograph of this church at 
Sibthorpe St Peter 13th Cent
Skegby St Andrew 12th Cent Restored 1870
Bond St
St Alban Built 1887 Formed as a parish in 1888 from the parishes of St Stephen and St Matthias. You can view a photograph of this church at
Colwick Road
St Christopher Built 1910 Formed as a parish in 1911
Sneinton Hill
St Clements Built 1887 Mission church to St Matthias
Sneinton Road
St Stephen Built 1912 Also rebuilt in 1839 on the site of an older church pre 1655
St Matthias Rd
St Matthias Built 1868 Formed a parish in 1869
Lancaster Rd
St Cyprian of Carthage Built 1934  
Sookholme St Augustine 11th Cent Formerly belonged to St Oswalds Priory, Nostell, Yorks - was attached to Warsop parish at the Reformation.
South Collingham St John the Baptist 12th Cent
South Leverton All Saints 11th-12th Cent Includes some Saxon and Norman
South Muskham St Wilfrid 11th-14th Cent
South Scarle St Helena 13th Cent
South Wheatley St Helen 12th Cent The church was taken down in 1883, except the tower
Southwell Holy Trinity Built 1845
Southwell St Mary the Virgin 12th-14th Cent aka Southwell Minster
Stanford on Soar St John the Baptist 13th Cent
Stanton Hill All Saints Built 1899 Formed from the parish of Skegby
Stanton on the Wolds All Saints 11th Cent
Stapleford St Helen 13th Cent An older building (St Luke's) stood on the site - part of which may have been incorporated into the building. Modernised in 1785
Stapleford St Andrew Built 1908 Daughter church to St Helens
Staunton St Mary 11th-12th Cent Completely restored in 1854, when old chancel dissapeared.
Staunton Chapel Unknown ? Situated in the churchyard to the west of St Mary, Staunton, was a chapelry to Orston Parish. Chapelry was run separately from the church and had its own registers, dating from 1663.  Demolished 1827 by the rector, Dr. Aspinshaw. Described as looking older than the church.
Stoke Bardolph St Luke Built 1844 Chapelry to Gedling parish. Built on the site of an older structure
Stokeham St Peter 12th Cent Restored in 1881, and in 1912 was described as being in a "dilapidated" condition
Strelley All Saints 12th-14th Cent Rebuilt in 1386 on the site of an older church
Sturton le Steeple St Peter & St Paul ? Partly destroyed by fire in 1901, damaged parts rebuilt
Sutton Bonnington St Anne 13th Cent
Sutton Bonnington St Michael 13th-15th Cent Chancel rebuilt in 1878
Sutton cum Lound St Bartholomew 14th Cent
Sutton in Ashfield St Mary Magdalene 12th Cent Many alterations and additions
Sutton in Ashfield St Michael & All Angels Built 1887 Now closed and up for sale
Sutton in Ashfield, Pingle St Modwen Built 1879 Mission church to St Mary, originally used a local school, before bringing an Iron church from Sneinton (formerly St Albans) A stone structure was built in 1937, which was in use until 1987. Since demolished.
Sutton on Trent All Saints 13th Cent Built on foundations of a saxon church
Syerston All Saints 13th Cent
Teversal St Katherine 11th-12th Cent Norman. Aka St Catherines.
Thorney St Helen Built 1849 The earlier saxon church was pulled down because of its small size
Thoroton St Helen 12th Cent Chapelry to the parish of Orston
Thorpe by Newark St Laurence late 15th Cent
Thrumpton All Saints 14th Cent
Thurgarton Priory Church of St Peter 12th Cent Restored 1854 - original church (12th cent) was part of Thurgarton Priory
Tithby Holy Trinity 14th Cent "Early English"
Tollerton St Peter 11th Cent "extensive and disastrous renovations in 1812"
Toton St Peter ? Built after 1832? Not mentioned in the 1912 directory.
Treswell St John the Baptist 13th-15th Cent  
Trowell St Helen 13th Cent Repaired in 1835 and generally restored in 1890.
Tuxford St Nicholas 14th-15th Cent Altered in 1473, chancel rebuilt in 1495. General restoration in 1893.
Underwood St Michael & All Angels Built 1890
Upper Broughton St Luke 13th Cent aka Broughton Sulney. Church formerly known as St Oswalds. Altered many times
Upton St Peter & St Paul 13th Cent
Walesby St Edmund 11th Cent Restored in 1884-7. New organ chamber built 1894.
Walkeringham St Mary Magdalene 15th Cent
Warsop St Peter & St Paul 11th Cent Much restoration in 1878
Wellow St Swithin 12th Cent Major rebuilding program in 1878
West Bridgford St Giles 13th Cent Early English date, with a new nave and chancel errected in 1898
West Burton St Helen ? Demolished c1886, and parish joined with North Wheatley. A Power station was built over the site of the village of West Burton.
West Drayton St Paul 12th Cent  
West Leake St Helena 12th Cent Restored in 1878.
West Markham All Saints 11th Cent aka Markham Clinton
West Retford St Michael the Archangel 10th Cent Pre 1066
West Stockwith St Mary Built 1722 Formerly a chapelry of Misterton, until formed into a parish in 1892.
Weston-on-Trent All Saints 13th Cent Restored 1880
Westwood St Mary Built 1898
Whatton St John of Beverley 13th Cent In 1808 the south transept was destroyed. The chancel was rebuilt 3ft shorter in 1846. Tower rebuilt in 1870 as it was in a dangerous condition.
Widmerpool St Peter 13th Cent Main part of church almost rebuilt (except tower) in 1832, and a spire added. Spire was later demolished by lightning in 1836. Virtually rebuilt 1888-1896 as older church was neglected
Wilford St Wilfrid 14th-15th Cent Chancel restored in 1868. In 1891 the north aisle was rebuilt and the vestry and organ chamber was added.
Wilford Hill St Paul Built 1960 Became a parish in 1988. Largly rebuilt in same year.
Willoughby on the Wolds St Mary & All Saints 12th Cent Chancel restored in 1891, with rest of church restored in 1908.
Winkburn St John of Jerusalem 11th Cent
Winthorpe All Saints Built 1887 Built on the site of an older church which had "fallen into a dilapidated condition". In a book written 1797 it states that the old church had not long been built, so probably rebuilt more than once.
Wollaton St Leonard 15th Cent Restored in 1885-6, when south aisle added.
Wollaton Park St Mary Built 1938  
Woodborough St Swithin 11th Cent Norman, with additions. Considerable restoration between 1891-1897.
Woodthorpe St Mark Built 1962  
Worksop Priory Church of St Mary & St Cuthbert 12th Cent Originally the church of the Priory of Austin Canons, founded in 1103. Priory destroyed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. "Drastically restored" in 1845.
Worksop St John the Evangelist Built 1868 Formed as a parish in 1867 from the parish of St Mary & St Cuthbert
Wysall Holy Trinity 11th Cent Restored in 1873, when aisle and porch were rebuilt.

indicates photo can be viewed on the Nottinghamshire Church Photographs website

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