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Parish Name Church Name Date Built Notes
Adbolton All Hallows unknown Demolished in 1746. Parish annexed to Holme Pierrepont.
Annesley All Saints (Old) 12th Cent Fell into disuse when a new church was built nearer to the new mining community. Now in ruins. Was threatened with demolition but remains are now a listed monument.
Annesley All Saints (New) Built 1874 New church built nearer to the 'new village' when the local collieries opened and built housing for their workers. 
Arnold St Mary 12th Cent Supposed to have been first built in 1176. Nave and chancel date from 1320, and tower from 1450. Restored during 19th century.
Askham St Nicholas 13th Cent Original Nave wall was Norman. Chancel 13th cent. Restored 1907.
Aslockton Holy Trinity c15th Cent Old chapel was formerly a chapelry of Whatton. Described in 1797 as "utterly decayed". After the Reformation, was used as a Beershop for a time. Portions of old chapel wall were incorporated into a later Mission Room.
Aslockton St Thomas Built 1892 Chapelry to the parish of Whatton. Aslockton was annexed to the village of Scarrington between 1868-1919.
Aspley St Margaret Built 1935  
Attenborough St Mary the Virgin 12th Cent
Auckley St Saviour Built 1838 Built as a chapel of ease to Finningley parish
Averham St Michael & All Angels 11th Cent
Awsworth St Peter Built 1746 All except the chancel rebuilt in 1902
Babworth All Saints 15th Cent Restored 1859, and 1877-8.
Balderton St Giles 12th Cent
Barnby in the Willows All Saints 13th Cent
Barnstone St Mary Built 1855 Chapelry to St Andrew, Langar-cum-Barnstone. Rebuilt in 1855
Barton in Fabis St George 12th Cent Partially restored 1877 and 1886. Spire damaged by lightening in 1893.
Church St
St Leodegarious 12th Cent Mostly rebuilt in 1859. During restoration in 1889, tower collapsed, doing much damage to main body of the church.
Arnold Rd
St Aidan Built 1903 Formed a parish in 1910 from the parish of St Leodegarious
Basford ~ New, High Church St St Augustine of England Built 1852 Formed a parish in 1847 from the parish of Basford. A south aisle was added in 1877. Demolished in 1989. You can view a photograph of this church at
Beckingham All Saints 13th-14th Cent Restored in 1892
Beeston St John the Baptist Built 1843-4 Ancient church demolished in 1842
Besthorpe Holy Trinity Built 1844 Chapel of Ease to South Scarle parish
Bestwood Park Emmanuel Built 1865 Formerly a chapel to Lenton parish - created a parish in 1878
Bestwood Village St Mark Built 1886 Built as a mission church to Emmanuel
Bevercotes St Giles unknown Chapelry of West Markham parish. Demolished c1643
Bilborough St Martin Built cir 1400  aka St Martin of Tours?
Bilsthorpe St Margaret Built cir 1400
Bingham St Mary & All Saints 12th Cent Restored in 1845
Bleasby St Mary 13th Cent
Blidworth St Lawrence 11th Cent Originally Saxon, aka Chapel of St Lawrence. Old church fell down in 1736. Replaced with St Mary.
Blidworth St Mary of the Purification Built 1740 Replaced Chapel of St Lawrence which fell down in 1736 Opened in 1740. Enlarged 1839.
Blyth Priory Church of St Mary & St Martin 11th Cent
Bole St Martin 14th Cent  
Bothamsall Our Lady & St Peter Built 1844 Built on site of older church
Boughton St Matthew Built 1868 Built on site of older church
Bradmore Unknown 14th Cent Church destroyed by fire in 1706, with only tower and spire remaining. Then became a chapelry to Bunny parish
Bramcote St Luke ? "Ancient" church. Tower is still standing within old churchyard and is known locally as the "sunken church",  - formerly a chapelry of Attenborough
Bramcote St Michael & All Angels Built 1861 Built half a mile from site of old church
Brinsley St James the Great Built 1838 Originally called St Saviours. Chapelry of Greasley before 1862.
Brough St Stephen Built 1885 Mission church to the parish of South Collingham
Broughton Sulney St Luke 13th Cent aka Upper Broughton. Church formerly known as St Oswalds. Altered many times
Budby Unknown Built 1887 Chapel of Ease to Perlethorpe. Was originally errected as an Iron Church.
Bulcote Holy Trinity Built 1862 Built on site of 13th Cent church - chapelry of Burton Joyce
Highbury Rd
St Mary the Virgin & All Souls Built 1850 Church built on site of earlier 12th century church
Quarry Rd
St John the Divine Built 1884 Chapel of Ease to St Mary, Bulwell
Bunny St Mary the Virgin 13th Cent Known as the Cathederal of the Wolds
Burton Joyce St Helen 14th Cent Founded in the time of Edward the Confessor. Restored 1879
Calverton St Wilfrid 12th Cent
Car Colston St Mary 14th Cent
Carburton St Giles 11th Cent Formerly a chapelry to Edwinstowe parish
Carlton St Paul Built 1885 aka Carnarvon Memorial Church, for the Earl of Carnarvon who contributed �9000 to its construction
Carlton St Michael & All Angels Built 1907 Foxhill Road. A Timber church building was sold to the Rev J. F. Perry of Carlton by the parish of South Beddington, Surrey just before 1906. May have been closed in the 1930's? A photograph of this church can be viewed at 
Carlton in Lindrick St John the Evangelist 11th Cent Saxon
Carlton on Trent St Mary the Virgin Built 1851 Rebuilt 1852 on site of older Norman chapel of ease to Norwell parish. Became a parish in its own right in 1875
Carrington, Mansfield Rd St John the Evangelist Built 1843 Formed a parish in 1843 from Basford parish
Caunton St Andrew 12th Cent
Nuthall Rd
Christ Church Built 1855 Was a chapelry to Nuthall (1912 dir. says Basford) Formed a parish in 1896. Some dates say built 1883, possibly rebuilt?
Clarborough St John the Baptist 12th Cent Completely restored 1874
Clarborough St Saviour Built 1829 Originally a chapel of ease to Clarborough, was created a parish in 1934 and is now classed as East Retford
Clayworth St Peter 12th Cent
Clifton with Glapton St Mary the Virgin 11th Cent built next to Clifton Hall, now part of Nottm University complex.
Clipstone, New All Saints Built 1928  
Clumber Park Chapel of St Mary the Virgin Built 1886 Built for the 7th Duke of Newcastle at a cost of �30,000
Coddington All Saints 13th Cent Extensive restoration in 1864
Colston Bassett St Mary Built 1293 Built on the site of an older church. Was disused in 18th cent. Now in ruins. A photograph of the ruins can be viewed at 
Colston Bassett St John the Divine Built 1892 "Victorian Gothic" New church built to be nearer to the village. Replaced old church of St Mary.
Colwick St John the Baptist 13th Cent Located next to Colwick Hall. Was in ruins from 1937, and it is now classed as a listed building at risk. You can view a photograph of this church at
Cossall St Catherine 12th Cent Some rebuilding in the 1840's
Costock St Giles Built 1350
Cotgrave All Saints 13th Cent
Cotham St Michael 14th Cent Closed circa 1976, and parish united with Hawton
Cottam Holy Trinity 12th Cent Chapelry to the parish of South Leverton
Cromwell St Giles 13th Cent
Cropwell Bishop St Giles 13th Cent
Cropwell Butler Unknown Built 1897 Annexed to Tythby parish. The Mission church was in a building bought from Mr John Parr in 1897, which was repaired at a cost of �600 and opened by the Bishop of Southwell. Closed before 1989. You can view a photograph of this church at
Darlton St Giles 13th Cent
Daybrook St Paul Built 1892 Formed as a parish in 1896 from Arnold and Carrington
Dunham on Trent St Oswald 15th Cent
Eakring St Andrew 12th Cent
East Bridgford St Peter 9th Cent Foundations are early. Church is medieval
East Drayton St Peter 13th Cent
East Leake St Mary 11th Cent
East Markham St John the Baptist 15th Cent
East Retford St Swithin 13th Cent The chancel and tower fell down in 1651, and were rebuilt.
East Retford St Catherine Built 1884 Mission Church located in Carr Road.
East Retford St Saviour Built 1829 Originally a chapel of ease to Clarborough, was created a parish in 1934 and is now classed as East Retford
East Stoke St Oswald 13th Cent
Eastwood St Mary Built 1858 Built on site of an earlier church. In 1963 the main part of the church was destroyed by fire, leaving only the tower remaining. The tower is still standing, but has been joined by a modern structure dating from 1967. 
Eaton All Saints ? Built on the site of an older church, of Norman date
Edingley St Giles 12th Cent
Edwalton Holy Rood 12th Cent Chancel fell down at the end of 17th cent and was rebuilt in 1894
Edwinstowe St Mary 11th Cent
Egmanton St Mary the Virgin 10th-12th Cent also described as "Our Lady of Egmanton Parish and Shrine Church"
Elkesley St Giles 14th Cent
Elston All Saints 13th Cent
Elston Chapel Elston Chapel   Created 1584 as a parish, poss using the chapel building of St Leonards Hospital. Later became a Chapelry to East Stoke. Transferred to Elston parish in 1872 in a disused state.
Elton on the Hill St Michael 11th Cent
Epperstone Holy Cross 13th Cent
Everton Holy Trinity 12th Cent
Farndon St Peter 11th Cent Saxon/Early Norman foundations. Partially rebuilt in 1664
Farnsfield St Michael 14th Cent With exception of the tower, the church was rebuilt in 1859-60, and a spire added.
Finningley Holy Trinity & St Oswald 11th Cent  
Fiskerton St Mary Built 1874 Chapel/Mission Church. Part of Rolleston parish until it was amalgamated with Morton in 1884
Flawborough St Peter 11th Cent Rebuilt 1840. Chapelry to Staunton parish
Flawford St Peter unknown Demolished in 1773, and superseded by its chapelry at Ruddington.
Fledborough cum Woodcotes St Gregory 14th Cent Chancel rebuilt in 1890, nave aisles and south porch rebuilt in 1912.
Flintham St Augustine of Canterbury 13th Cent

indicates photo can be viewed on the Nottinghamshire Church Photographs website

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