Annesley People
in White's 1832 Directory of Nottinghamshire

An important directory, as it predates the available census records. The early directories like this one tend to list only landowners and tradesmen. Anyone who was "employed" would not be listed.

Name Occupation Location
Allin, George Farmer Annesley Woodhouse
Amatt, Wm. Shoemaker Annesley Woodhouse
Beck, Mr. Wm. - Annesley
Burrows, Ralph Victualler Annesley Woodhouse
Davies, John Shoemaker Annesley
Deakin, Paul Corn Miller Felley Mill
Gelsthorp, Jas. Smith & Maltster Annesley Woodhouse
Gibson, Jph. Beerhouse Forest
Goodall, Chpr. Farmer Annesley
Hardstaff, Geo. Butcher & Shopr. Annesley Woodhouse
Hardstaff, Rd. Joiner Annesley
Hardy, Wm. Farmer Annesley
Harvey, Timothy Blacksmith Annesley
Hibbert, Eliz. Farmer Annesley
Hickton, Rt. Farmer Annesley
Hodgkinson, C. Farmer Annesley
Hollingsworth, Ralph Beerhouse Felley
Hollingsworth, Wm. Weaver & Parish Clerk Annesley
Horabin, Richard Shopkeeper Annesley
Horabin, Wm. Shopkeeper Annesley
Hunt, John Farmer Felley
Lindley, Wm. Farmer Annesley
Lindley, Thos. Farmer Annesley
Line, Geo. Farmer Annesley
Musters, John Esq. Gentry Annesley Hall
Robinson, Geo. Corn Miller Annesley Woodhouse
Robinson, Hy. Corn Miller Annesley
Robinson, Wm. Farmer Annesley
Saunders, Thos. Farmer Felley Abbey
Shipley, John Warp Lace Manfr. Annesley Woodhouse
Smith, Thomas Farmer Annesley
Stanley, Fras. Veterinary Surgeon Annesley Lodge
Turner, John Gamekeeper Annesley
Turner, Richard Shoemaker Annesley
Turner, Samuel Farmer Annesley
Turner, Wm. Farmer Annesley
Webster, Jph. Farmer Annesley
Whitman, Wm. Shoemaker Annesley
Wilkinson, John Farmer Closes
Winterbottom, William Farmer Annesley

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